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Sirius/Remus Calendar Project [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project

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(no subject) [Dec. 26th, 2006|06:18 pm]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project

Hey guys,

It's almost 2007...are we still doing this?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday/winter vacation.
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Calendar Updates [Oct. 20th, 2006|12:45 am]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been prodding you as I should have (college has been slowly eating me). But I'm back to bugging you now!

So how's it coming along? Below I have made a pretty little table that is very organised and very easy to read, so that y'all can look and see exactly what you told me your original idea was (except for linnpuzzle, remeciel, and ero_ica, who were absolutely brilliant and have sent me the finished their finished images).

So look at it, and then please comment here and tell me you've been working on this/are going to start working on this! K? Thanks!

Picture Idea
(as you told me back in the original post)


January lyottoJanuary! I haven't drawn them pre-Marauder in ages and I love the thought of them meeting as first years. I'm thinking a scene either in the library or the common room/dormitory, somewhere near a window so you can maybe see snow outside, with Sirius (quite possibly accompanied by a James) bothering Remus while Remus is trying to study instead of joining in the extended festivities everyone has brought back from their holidays.Incomplete

February kungfooqueenIt doesnt look like Febuary's been snatched up yet, so I'd love to claim it for a bit of fluffy Valentines-themed art X) Maybe Sirius shyly giving Lupin a box of Chocolates in 3rd year? D'awwwwwwww.Incomplete

March honorboundI'd like to do a picture involving a prank on Snape, since no one seems to be doing one yet, and I think that would be appropriate for second/third year....Incomplete

April elva_barrI was thinking, since fourth year seems so relaxed (after Remus confessing he's a werewolf, but before the OWLs and prank) that I should have Sirius sitting behind Remus whilst Remus reads a book. (probably Tolstoy or Byron). Not very original, granted, but it sets the mood for spring.Incomplete

May yue_dOkay. I've got my idea... sort of.

I want to do Fifth Year, during the OWL preperation time (I'm unsure of what month(s) that would be, so um could anyone give me a hand? Or, wait... I'll just go and grab my OotP copy and look it up :P)

Anyways, onto ze idea. Well I wanted to do a piece showing them studying/preparing for exams. This is how i'm picturing it:

- they're in the library
- Remus is sitting in the middle (of table/page)with quill in hand, and essay/parchment layed out before him.
- Sirius is leaning over Remus', with his hand on his shoulder, and pointing something out on the page. He's grinning his Sirius-like grin and looking more at Moony than at the parchment.
- Moony is apparently trying hard not to look back at Sirius, and is blushing profusely >D
- Prongs is sitting on the left (our left) of the table, and playing boredly with a snitch
- Peter is sitting on the right with his head buried in his arms, and is covered/surrounded by parchment and books - looking absolutely flustered.
- the table/library in general is crowded/hectic, but dead centre of the page we've got such a cute moment with our two favourite boys :D

June kyrailleJune! 6th year, haven't a clue what exactly, but probably something summer-y.Incomplete

July kascheOh, yes! :D Shall we do July and the puppies's first day in the flat they've taken together, then? Would that be all right? :)Incomplete

August ero_icaI changed my idea from the last though; now I'm thinking an outdoor sunset shot with the boys kissing (or about to be) in the foreground. I can send a rough sketch if that didn't make any sense.Complete

September klenaTimeline: Post-Hogwarts, Pre-Azkaban - during the war.
Month: Em...That'd be September or so?
Rough idea: Based upon the line 'Is it a dream? Is it a lie? I think I'll let you decide.' R/S still close but the suspicion is here. How I'll execute that I don't know ^_^;;

October remecielDuring/Before AzkabanComplete

November cathybitesI'd like November, post-Azkaban. I'm not exactly sure what I'll draw, but I'm picturing something in black and white with just a hint of color.Incomplete

December linnpuzzleI'd like to draw them at Grimmauld's, with some scarce christmas decorations and a gift between them.Complete

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Picture Deadlines [Feb. 25th, 2006|01:37 pm]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project

[Current Mood |creative]

Deadline: March 31st - Rough Draft

So, I don't know at what speeds y'all work at, but how bout we say that "rough drafts" of the images due by the end of March.

If that seems too soon, reply to this post with your ideas on how long you'll be needing.
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Month Assignments [Feb. 19th, 2006|08:41 am]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project


Alright! Here's the months as they stand right now. I need all the artists to look over them and make sure I've given everyone the correct month, but I checked the comments twice so they should be right.

January - lyotto
February - kungfooqueen
March - honorbound
April - elva_barr
May - yue_d
June - kyraille
July - kasche
August - ero_ica
September - klena
October - remeciel
November - cathybites
December - linnpuzzle
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The Themes! [Feb. 12th, 2006|03:44 pm]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Deadline: Please reply to this post with your ideas by Sunday the 19th!

Alrighty!! A theme has been conceived! After staring at my computer for an hour and getting a major headache from a glare, something finally hit me :)

Each month will be one year, starting with the 7 years at Hogwarts (months January through July) and the remaining 5 months shall be the years after Hogwarts before Azkaban, one during Azkaban, and one after Azkaban.

This calendar will be the journey of their relationship. From kids just meeting, to thriving troublemakers (though Remus would not appreciate that title ^^), to lovers, to estranged friends, and their loving reconnection after Sirius’s escape.

So now is the time when y’all get to do what you do best: be artistic :)

Think of what month you’d like to do. Try to incorporate the time of year (i.e. March and April are spring), holidays or classic themes for that month along with what year the month represents.

Once you have a basic idea of what your gonna draw, type up a couple lines of what your idea is and reply to this post.

I may reply with a suggest or two, or just give you the go ahead. I will be waiting though for everyone to reply before I start assigning months to people. So take your time and think out your idea.

Have at it!

(If you need help thinking of ideas or what happened during certain years, check out Remus' timeline at HP Lexicon)
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To begin the Journey... [Feb. 11th, 2006|04:12 pm]
Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar Project

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Welcome! You've stumbled across the community for the Sirius/Remus 2007 Calendar project, begun by omgsubtext and captained by me, nakki.

If you are an aspiring artist, please join the community and reply to this post with a sample of your artwork (if you have a website/livejournal/deviantart/photobucket/whatever dedicated to your work you may leave a link to it for us to peruse). At the moment we are just gathering artists though within the next couple of days we'll get down to coming up a theme for the calendar along with month-ideas, schedules, deadlines, and the like :)

Please realise, by commenting on this post and you are stating that you are ready and willing to crank out an amazing picture for this calendar and will stick with the project. The final deadline will most likely be sometime in November/early-December so there should be no lack of time to complete this project :)

That being said, this is a fan calendar. For slash fans, made by Slash fans! This is going to be an extremely fun experience and I hope everyone will be as excited as I am to see it through to the end!

Your Project Manager,
teh nakki
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